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Life Teen Coordinator

Life Teen Coordinator- Anne Morales

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Core Team

What is a Core Team Member?

At Saints Peter & Paul, Core Team Members commit themselves to share our faith with the teens of our parish.  Core Team Members are a important role model in teenagers' lives, and strive to live the Faith in a way that has a strong, positive impact on the teens. Their approach to ministry is rooted in service, commitment, and dedication to the Church and the teenagers they serve.

Core Team Members pray for and journey with the teens of the parish.  Together, in the name of Jesus Christ, we Strive to provide a safe place where teens can freely learn about, grow in, and share their faith.


Core Team Member - Karina Schnittker

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Core Team Leader - Matt Wiseley

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What is a Pre-Core Team Member?

So you just graduated from high school and you want to help with Life Teen. At Saints Peter and Paul you can!! To help with your transition from high school to college, our Pre-Core Team Member program allows you to set your own time commitment. We welcome any college freshman that would like to help. As Pre Core you help with set up, planning, environment, skits, food preparation and clean up for Life Nights and Retreats!!

Core Team Member - Zaina Innabi



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