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What is a Core Member?

     At Saints Peter & Paul, CORE Members commit themselves to share our faith with the teens of our parish.  As a CORE Member, you are an important role model in teenagers' lives, and how you live and act makes a strong impression on teens.  Your approach to ministry should be rooted in service, commitment, and dedication to the Church and the teenagers you serve.


     CORE Members pray for and journey with the teens of the parish.  Together, in the name of Jesus Christ, we allow our teens to come to a safe place where they can freely learn about, grow in, and share their faith.

Do you have what it takes?

     CORE membership requires a commitment to all the responsibilities of the CORE Team.  Most important, it is a commitment to building strong, faith-filled relationships with the teens through Life Teen Mass and Life Nights, prayers, retreats, other events and personal contacts.  You will also commit to your own development in personal prayer life, witness to Christ, emotional and psychological maturity, and leadership.

Are you called to serve as a Life Teen CORE Member?

Are you between the age of 19-85?

At least one year out of high school?

        The time commitment includes:


Minimum weekly commitment: 3-5 hours (Sept-June)

Sunday evenings, including Mass: 5-7 hours (4:00-9:00pm)

Weekly evening CORE planning meeting: 1-2 hours

1-2 Retreats per year (Friday through Sunday)

       Other opportunities:


Relational Outreach - Attend teens' activities, sporting events,

Concerts, conferences, service projects, prayer groups, etc.

If you think you have what it takes (or know someone who does),
talk to any CORE Member, or Email us at



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